Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why search for aliens?

        As I said earlier the quest for knowing the unknown is always drives us. That might also be the reason for our technological developments is some(all) sense. However few people who are trying things like, Send a rocket to planet Mars or Jupiter to know if there is an existence for life. If not try and get some sand so that they do research on what minerals it contains or otherwise get picture from that you are identify presence of water. Sometime they even say water would have be present some 10203 years ago(just made those numbers while typing). That must have got dried up now[WTF :-| ]. Send a robot and try doing a bore well to know if there is under water. oh boy!!

Does it really going to help us solve our existing problems that we currently?

Man grow up. Do some constructive research and improve or solve our current day problems. 

God and beyond...

There are lot of questions unanswered in this world according to us or according to human beings. We are always attracted towards knowing the unknown.  To name a few things here.
  • Who or How did this world was created ? 
  • How did life exists only in this Planet that we named earth?
  • Is there a planet out there somewhere where there are people like us living ?
  • How did we evolve and get it to this shape the so called Homo sapiens ?
  • Where is life inside human body and what is living inside us? 
  • What is after life for any living being [as per our definition of living]?
  • Is there someone or something(Nature) behind our creation, known as Him or GOD?
  • If God is real then, is there a Satan or Ghost too?
  • Who has designed this nature.? If there is a creation then there must be a creator? who?