Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saving the flora and fauna.

          If you have ever been to IIT Madras, as you walk into the campus you would feel it light. You would get a feel that as if the temperature had dropped few degrees. You might also get a feel that you are walking into a forest. You could see a lot of spotted deer's, black bucks, white bucks, monkeys, mongoose, pangolin, bats, jackal and various birds including pigeons, and several species of insects, etc. All are jumping around and playing happily. :-)

Institute has done as tremendous job in maintaining the natural ambiance by various measures. Few are banning the use of motor/ fossil fueled vehicles inside the campus for students/staff/profs. Having multiple speed breakers or barricade on the roads. Cracker's free Deepavali celebrations. There is zone for deer/bucks wherein humans are not allowed to walk through it. Cleanup drive for litter free campus, etc.

One thing I don't like here is the dogs. You can see many sleeping sleeping sleeping. I forgot to add eating part pre and post of it. Some sleeps on the middle of the road. Dogs are known for their watchfulness, energetic, protective and loyal. However, I've only seen here that they can be this lazy doing nothing. I was told that stray/wild dogs attacked the endangered white buck. There were at least two. Due to recent attack(last month) one is killed and other is severely injured. It had killed a black buck several years ago as well. Dogs are everywhere in the country whereas deers and bucks are not. Here are few of my suggestions. (S is my suggestion)

S1. Why not we move out all the dogs from campus as a protective measures (or anything that kills endangered species ) ?
S2. There seems to be lot of destruction to trees for construction. There are trees uprooted due heavy rains. There are trees that became old, dried and about to die. Why don't we plant some more trees to match up this loss?
S3. It is heart breaking to see deers eating paper cup and plastics around the dustbins. Might be mischievous monkey but ya we should throw it into the bins NOT near the bins.
S4. There can be place setup where in  mess food preparation vegetables/fruits left over after cutting may be given to monkey/Deers.
S5. Similarly if we build a place where deers/bucks/monkeys get freshwater and shade at few locations. It might help them during intense heat and heavy rain.

Friday, February 26, 2016

My Favorite Teachers!

I was born in Madurai. I studied under some great teachers whom I will list them one by one! Till then, teachers are one who reads the book and repeats the same at the students. My opinions changed after seen below personalities..

Chitra  Mam - Physics - St.Joseph School, Koodal Nagar, Madurai.
    She was first teacher who taught us different way of writing the exam.  She told us, how is the preparation to an exam matter even when you have failed to study on the day before exam. She probably had experience in correcting the board exam papers. She gave us more tips of how should you present the answer in exam. e.g Keywords matter, highlighting it, Definition and theorems must be as such. She made us really get good marks in physics. She was one among the teacher who would directly walk into the class and start teaching without any preparation(notes/books) yet she will never get struck anywhere. 

Geography - St.Joseph School, Koodal Nagar, Madurai.
    She was Good teacher as she was taught us the subject very good. She gave all the nack & tricks for scoring the marking. She told get bunch of India outline maps and asked us to practice these maps regularly. She used to ask us to draw map using it for 10 mark question. She is a teacher who can inspire the students to learn.

Kirubavathi Mam - Physics - SBOA School, Madurai.
    She teaches so well. She makes you understand everything she teaches. She make the equation and comes up with her own derivation and explanation. It is so well organised you need not remember just sit in the class you will get everything. She is so dedicated and teaches everything and completes the portion and Practicals also she used to explain everything in detail. She is a very friendly teacher. However I have seen her beating student and breaking wooden rulers.

Anitha Mam - Botany - SBOA School, Madurai.
    She is so strict. She will never look at the student while teaching in class. She just see and talks to last bencher's ;-) . She get very angry at student who sleeps in class. Maeshak always gets caught. However when it comes to teaching, she is the best Botany teacher. She correlates everything she teach. So that it is very understandably good to remember the concepts she teach and reason out. If you pay attention then one could learn, correlate and understand everything she says.

R. Rajaram  TCE
He is the perfect teacher according to me. He comes to the class on time. No even a single day he had excuse. He strictly follows his agenda in the class. He asks question such that it test the person understanding capability than memorizing capability. He gives us problem set after his lectures so that we will get a fair understanding of how the questions will be in exams and how is our understanding on the subject. However, he scolds people. But he used names like dogs, donkey, etc.(it will be fun for others while he scolds someone).  

Devarajan Maths HOD from Madura college
He was teaching us maths for us in Aspire. He teaches the subject very nicely that you will understand each math concept relating to some real world phenomenon. He says lot abour usa/nasa/discovery mission and their effects. He inspires students. I still remember oneday he even said we have equation for the path taken by bees to sit on the flower(to take nectar). He explained us the boolean formulas very nicely. He gave the idea of dimensions in science. :-)