Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saving the flora and fauna.

          If you have ever been to IIT Madras, as you walk into the campus you would feel it light. You would get a feel that as if the temperature had dropped few degrees. You might also get a feel that you are walking into a forest. You could see a lot of spotted deer's, black bucks, white bucks, monkeys, mongoose, pangolin, bats, jackal and various birds including pigeons, and several species of insects, etc. All are jumping around and playing happily. :-)

Institute has done as tremendous job in maintaining the natural ambiance by various measures. Few are banning the use of motor/ fossil fueled vehicles inside the campus for students/staff/profs. Having multiple speed breakers or barricade on the roads. Cracker's free Deepavali celebrations. There is zone for deer/bucks wherein humans are not allowed to walk through it. Cleanup drive for litter free campus, etc.

One thing I don't like here is the dogs. You can see many sleeping sleeping sleeping. I forgot to add eating part pre and post of it. Some sleeps on the middle of the road. Dogs are known for their watchfulness, energetic, protective and loyal. However, I've only seen here that they can be this lazy doing nothing. I was told that stray/wild dogs attacked the endangered white buck. There were at least two. Due to recent attack(last month) one is killed and other is severely injured. It had killed a black buck several years ago as well. Dogs are everywhere in the country whereas deers and bucks are not. Here are few of my suggestions. (S is my suggestion)

S1. Why not we move out all the dogs from campus as a protective measures (or anything that kills endangered species ) ?
S2. There seems to be lot of destruction to trees for construction. There are trees uprooted due heavy rains. There are trees that became old, dried and about to die. Why don't we plant some more trees to match up this loss?
S3. It is heart breaking to see deers eating paper cup and plastics around the dustbins. Might be mischievous monkey but ya we should throw it into the bins NOT near the bins.
S4. There can be place setup where in  mess food preparation vegetables/fruits left over after cutting may be given to monkey/Deers.
S5. Similarly if we build a place where deers/bucks/monkeys get freshwater and shade at few locations. It might help them during intense heat and heavy rain.

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