Monday, March 7, 2016

Trek to Tada falls or Ubbalamadugu falls..!

1. Reaching via Chennai on road NH5 till tada (two tolls)
2. Reaching to Varadaiahpalem on road in narrow two way road.
3. Reaching to forest check post on small road.
4. Reaching to tada parking on red soil road.
Basecamp 1 - Iron Bridge & Dressing room.

5. Reach check dam after long walk on a flat path.

6. Reach Shiva temple after long walk.
Basecamp 2!
7. Behind temple walk through rough rocky path (without crossing the stream)
8. After some long rough rocky ways (crossing 2 small ponds) 30 mins
Basecamp 3 - Small fall 1 (SM1) !


File photos(we didn't see this much water)

Caution - Danger zone ahead!
9a. On the left of SM1 one has to climb on high single rock (risky!)
9b. On the right of SM1 there are two big rocks one has to climb move ahead.
10. Now on only small walking trail will be seen follow it. (uphill very steep) 5-10 mins
11. One might hit a dead end but take left and walk on the trail..!
12. Now it will lead to climb down to see Small fall 2 (SM2)

13. Beside the rock on left, one would see the fall. There is a tall tree right of it.
Main fall 1[MF1]! (if it is season one would see water)

Basecamp 4! (there is no BC4 but i am calling it ;-)

We don't know how to proceed from here! Because there was no water..we missed the below things. (see videos)

14. Main fall 2 - Water falling from high attitude (we missed it!!)

file photo- source

Level 5 - (long video...right away go to 16th min)

Level 6

Moreover we missed this place(file photo) as well..! It was told, it's  a very deep place in other blogs..!

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